'Red Propolis' Line of Home Care Cosmetic Brand Serendi Beauty

The home care cosmetic brand ‘Serendi Beauty’, for modern people who keep their beauty while they live a busy life, launched a new product line called ‘Red Propolis.’

This newly launched ‘Red Propolis’ line has a total of eight products reflecting customers’ needs, including five skincare products; toner pad, facial mist, ampoule, moisturizer, and eye cream, and three makeup products; makeup base, moisture foundation cushion, and covering foundation cushion. Serendi Beauty’s red propolis products have a light red color inside from red extract by bees from the ‘Dalbergia Ecastophyllum’ tree that only grows in Brazil. Red propolis contains higher antioxidants than typical propolis so that it has effects on anti-aging.

Flavonoid and polyphenol components from red propolis extract prevent skin aging. Also, it helps to regenerate damaged skin cells and the ingredients from lotus root and seed extract help skin brightening gives clear skin tone, add moisture, and calm the skin.

‘Red Propolis Triple Ampoule (30ml)’ is also called as ‘Recover Ampoule’ because it contains 699,000ppm red propolis extract to boost the skin’s immunity.

The TRIPLE HYALURONIC ACID is composed of three different types and sizes of molecular structures with different sizes (high-molecular, medium molecular, and low-molecular hyaluronic acid). It keeps skin’s moisture by blocking dry out moisture, protecting skin from external stimuli. Those who have sensitive skin also can use ‘Red Propolis Triple Ampoule(30ml)’ because the product does not contain any harmful ingredients such as artificial coloring, animal-derived ingredients, or any fragrance.

A Serendi Beauty brand official said, “Red propolis line products are for those looking for healthy skincare for the upcoming summer season“. “It will give a glow on dark and dull skin by using the product consistently.”

The Serendi Market is promoting the red propolis line to celebrate launching a new skincare line between 6/5 and 6/30. Red propolis triple mist, Red propolis triple makeup starter, Red propolis high covering triple cushion, and moisture cushion are on the promotion.

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